Woohoo, Jean! Down 50 pounds!!

Woohoo, Jean! Down 50 pounds!!
This is my dear friend Jean, she is 73, can you believe it?! The Doctors were almost ready to put her on insulin, and now they have LOWERED her Diabetes meds! They are also lowering her blood pressure meds, too! Her blood sugar readings started regulating within her first month of taking Skinny Fiber! So proud of this awesome lady! It is NEVER TO LATE to make changes and get healthy!
Jean Says:
“Because of my diabetic problem, my sugar kept going up and would not come down. Doctor was thinking of starting me on insulin, and of course, I wasnt happy with that. After seeing Carrie and Skinny Fiber, I decided I was going to give it a try.
Before long, my sugar was back down to normal, my A1C was 7.5 and three months later is now down to 6.5, Very happy with that. We are keeping a close watch on it, when it comes down lower, will have to stop taking some of my meds. All in all, other problems I had have -pretty much cleared up. I will take Skinny Fiber as long as I can, whether I need to lose weight or not. I will be 74 in September and feel like Im in my 50s. lol.”
Order your Skinny Fiber here: www.mbeall.sbc90.com
BUY 2 GET 1 FREE! $119.85
BUY 3 GET 3 FREE! $179.70 (brings them down to about 30 dollars per bottle)
Always an empty bottle money back guarantee, no questions asked.
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