Challenge of the Week

New Challenge for this week 😊

80-20 Rule
Strive to eat healthy 80% of the time and eat your favorite guilty pleasures 20% of the time. If you live by this rule, you will not feel guilty when you have an occasional piece of cake; just count it as your 20%.
What helps me eat this way is having healthy foods at home, and I also take Skinny fiber, which really helps control the cravings. That means no cake, cookies, or chips at home and I enjoy these foods when I eat out. Instead, at my house there’s a lot of fruit, vegetable, and whole grains. I have snacks too such as freeze dried fruit and air popped popcorn. If I want a treat, I’ll jump in my car and go get one but I never keep junk food in the house. Sometimes, if it’s cold and don’t feel like going out, it passes and I forget about it! Or I would make up a treat from our “Dessert Album” in this group, using healthier ingredient choices
Let me know what you think!💜

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