My Testimony

For those starting SF or Max.
Weigh, definitely measure and take a picture. From my own experience I am so glad I did measure and take a picture…both those spoke louder than the scale…If you would like a awesome free way to chart this let me know and I will give you your own personal tracker.
For those new to the group, this is me😊

Here is my  Story for those that are New and I have had a few ask me What Skinny Fiber, Max, HiBurn8 and healthy eating have done for me( I donot take all of these at the same time, They all work alone and are our 4 Weight loss Products)
Hi I’m Mindy Beall, and this is long, but have not really told my whole story yet.This is why I love Skinny Fiber so much.In 2001 I was Pregnant and diagnosis with Thyroid cancer. When she was 11 mnths old I had surgery and Radiation.Then again in 2004, they found more cancer, surgery and Radiation again.Since then I have not had energy at all.It took everything to just do what I needed to do, absolutely none for working out.So my weight has been a real issue. I am now Pre Menopausal, adding to the issue. LOL, and have been put on anxiety Meds, Which also make you gain weight, and my cholesterol is High. Then I lost my Husband, 3 yrs ago to a heart attack.Now you kinda know where I am coming from. Having, and I mean, I have tried a lot of weight loss products, some making me feel so bad and jittery, yet none successfully worked.As, Probable most of you, I kept seeing Testimonies and such, on Facebook, for quite awhile. I knew this was just another weight loss Product, But finally the Testimonies of real People just got to me and I new, For health reasons, I needed to lose, or at least take it for the Enzymes and Fiber I knew I so needed. SF having a 30 day money back guarantee,at that time, now 90 day on the on the specials, helped my decision to try,Thank God I took that chance,My first 90 days I lost 14 lbs and dropped a pants size, and I know, my weight loss might go slow with the Meds. I am on, but honestly the best part for me is, I FEEL WONDERFUL, I have energy, Good natural, feeling energy , I feel alive again, I have now been on SF for 3 years and am at a total of 25lbs and so many inches, I am down 3 sizes completely.. I have 3 wonderful children, I still Homeschool my daughter. I have the most Incredible Boyfriend, we have our farm and all our animals. God has Blessed me with all this, and now finding Skinny Fiber I can finally enjoy all of it. I am Skinny Fiber 4 Life. Please Just give a a Try….Love Mindy Beall

Get Started here http://www.mbeall.sbc90.comnew me


Make Your Own Butter

Have you ever made your own butter? I always make mine.It is so easy.
Face it. Store bought butter is laden with preservatives, loaded with calories, and not that great for you. Making it yourself isn’t just better tasting, but better all around. It’s one of my favorite home-made food items too. It’s really easy and not terribly expensive to do.
You will need:
– 1 quart of organic heavy cream
– 3/4 teaspoon of salt
That’s it? Yep! That’s all you need. Let’s get to it.
Pour the quart of heavy cream into a mixer bowl and fit the mixer with the paddle attachment.
Add your salt.
Cover the mixer with a towel and turn mixer on high.
Trust me, you’ll want the towel.
Continue mixing.
Check the mixture frequently to make sure the consistency is right. It’ll look like whipped cream at first, but start to get grainy and separate into butter and butter milk.
Your butter is ready when it clumps onto the paddle of the mixer.
Place your butter into a colander and strain off the buttermilk. Also, this is how you make buttermilk.
Press out the extra buttermilk under cold running water. You’ll know it’s all clear when the water runs clear. Shape it into a ball and keep in the refrigerator, The butter will keep for about a month.
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