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It Has Changed My Life πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸ˜ŠπŸ’—

It Has Changed My Life πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸ˜ŠπŸ’—

Skinny Fiber
This super detox on a cellular level is helping people who just want to shed pounds to become healthier or who suffer from diseases and disorders. We have so many that are reporting great results with SF for a number of things that they were suffering from. It is because the ingredients in Skinny Fiber may correct so many issues and the #1 reason is that it helps the body to absorb nutrients needed from our foods– that can help anything that anyone suffers with!!
So many diseases are a result of not absorbing the vitamins and minerals— these deficiencies lead to disease!! Skinny Fiber helps us to get the most out of the food by improving our digestion because of the Digestive Enzyme blend it contains!
And the other ingredients have been used for thousands of years and just may help a boat load of ailments!!
Then with our new product Skinny Body Max, which is SF plus Probiotics. Love these products πŸ’–

Lose Weight While You Sleep!s

Scientists have found that those who get less than 5 hours of great sleep are more likely to be clinically obese by 73% more than people who get more than 7 hours of amazing sleep!
Can you imagine that?
Your entire body is being attacked by your lack of sleep!
I sleep CRAZY .. This has made a world of difference to getting a good nights sleep.
Isn’t it great to hear that all that healthy eating and intense workouts will pay off if only you would get some good quality sleep?
The best way to accomplish getting the needed sleep to keep your fat burning is by trying out Hiburn8 night time formula which has been formulated with natural ingredients so that you burn off fat, shed pounds, and get a more restful sleep!
Combining weight loss and sleep is two presents in one!
All you need to do is see the results for yourself! Get into your most desirable shape by simply falling asleep and loving it!
Nothing else is as easy as this! But, add to this- healthy foods and some activity and get maximum results like never before!!
-Finally Get The Amazing, Restful Sleep Your Body Has Always Deserved
-See The Difference As Your Body Burns Off That Fat More Easily Than Before
-A Highly-Effective Mix Of Ingredients Used To Help You To Get Into Shape
-Go To Sleep Happier And Healthier Knowing You Are Doing Your Body Good
-Uniquely Designed Combination Of Weight Loss And Maximum Sleep Formulas.

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Satira has lost close to 130 Lbs!!

Satira share with us, “Life is broken into 2 parts. Those couple of horrible years. Emergency hysterectomy, 3 weeks later hit by a semi from behind, spinal fractures, 5 months later losing my home in the the wildfires in Oklahoma, the same day my husband of close to 15 years left me and my boys. Soon after I was diagnosed type 2 diabetic and then lost my dad. It was the hardest time in my life. Over 300 pounds and lost. (Thank God for my Momma!)”πŸ’–

“Fast forward. I’m in a size 7 from a 24. I’ve lost close to 130 pounds. I’m healthy. I’m happy. Life throws you curve balls. Sometimes they hit you. Get back up and dust off.”

“If you are lost and hurting. If you are “me” 3-4 years ago, please let Mindy help you. I promise she and Skinny Fiber can help you! If not, get your money back! At best, get your life back!!”
PM her for more info or go here www.mbeall.sbc90.comsatira

5 Great Things That Happen When You Stop Eating Sugar.


The first thing you should know is that sugar is not evil. It can be found in many foods including fruits and milk so you don’t need to add additional amount of sugar in your nutrition. If you stop eating sugar, you will experience a ton of positive changes into your life.

We generally talking about sugary sweets, refined white sugar, artificial sweeteners and sugar loaded foods. The consumption of natural sugar is not a problem for your health. Avoid the consumption of these sugary things and feel the following positive changes:

Normal Weight

Most sugar comes from food rich in carb or fat. We are not talking about raw sugar (which is presented in the fruits). We are talking about processed foods that contain a lot of undesired substances.

Your body won’t have to deal with additional calories if you go on a sugar detox. At that moment you will start losing weight and you will not feel hunger.

Energy Boost

When we are out of energy, we usually reach for sugary items such as caffeinated drinks and energy drinks. But you will have much more energy without this additional sugar. You should know that sugar blocks the ability of the body to keep the energy stores at high level.

Proper Function of Intestines and Colon

The human body needs a small amount of impure foods and lots of fiber. Your intestines and tummy will start to function properly if you stop eating sugar. Everything will get back to normal and you will also go to a bathroom more often.

Healthier Skin Complexion

You use many cosmetic products and you wonder why your acne still appearing. The sugar affects your skin (body) form the inside out. After the consumption of sugar, you will experience dramatic changes in your skin.

Reduced Sugar Carvings

You will reduce the carvings for sweet things once you stop eating it. The consumption of sugar makes you eat more sugar.

Why to Quit Sugar and Start Sugar Detox?

You don’t have to start sugar detox if you haven’t been eating lot of sugar in your life. However, the reduction of sugar intake is a great idea. You will experience the advantages faster if you start right now. Do not waste your time, but feel the differences in your body like never before.

Come Join Us Free, while we all work at eating healthier

It’s time for me to come clean

new-meHi friends! It’s time for me to come clean. If you have followed me for a while, you probably already know this, but I’m not your typical fit chick. I struggle with this, because so many people in the fitness community seem SO perfect. They love to work hard for that 6 pack and show it proudly. And that’s great for them, but that’s just not me. I don’t love working out.. I struggle with getting my 30 min workout in, I sometimes blow off my workouts. I don’t have a desire to have ripped abs or even get rid of every last ounce of cellulite. But here’s the thing. Even with all of that, I’ve managed to get RESULTS. I’ve done it my way with the help of Skinny Fiber I’ve done it while still enjoying my life, having foods I enjoy. ..I learning about my body and what foods help me feel better and most importantly, I’ve done it without giving up.I feel pretty darn good for 51.πŸ˜‰
I’ve recently realized how important it is to share this message with my peers. You don’t HAVE to be perfect. You don’t HAVE to have a 6 pack. You just have to be happy, and if you want to get healthy or make some changes, I’m here to help you get started.

Tip for flu season.

For about $3 you can get this ointment containing bacitracin zinc, neomycin sulfate and polymyxin B sulfate.

To aid in preventing contracting flu viruses and other germs. It is recommended to use a qtip and apply a thin layer inside each nostril daily. It creates a barrier to protect against germs entering your body.
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