Satira has lost close to 130 Lbs!!

Satira share with us, “Life is broken into 2 parts. Those couple of horrible years. Emergency hysterectomy, 3 weeks later hit by a semi from behind, spinal fractures, 5 months later losing my home in the the wildfires in Oklahoma, the same day my husband of close to 15 years left me and my boys. Soon after I was diagnosed type 2 diabetic and then lost my dad. It was the hardest time in my life. Over 300 pounds and lost. (Thank God for my Momma!)”💖

“Fast forward. I’m in a size 7 from a 24. I’ve lost close to 130 pounds. I’m healthy. I’m happy. Life throws you curve balls. Sometimes they hit you. Get back up and dust off.”

“If you are lost and hurting. If you are “me” 3-4 years ago, please let Mindy help you. I promise she and Skinny Fiber can help you! If not, get your money back! At best, get your life back!!”
PM her for more info or go here www.mbeall.sbc90.comsatira


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