I am so Grateful I found this Product

I just came across my 1 year testimony and Photo. I added my recent photo in.
Sometimes I forget just how much this Product has helped me. I am so very, very Grateful I found it.

My 1 year Testimony
Hi I’m Mindy Beall, and this is long, but have not really told my
whole story yet.This is why I love Skinny Fiber so much.In 2001 I was
Pregnant and diagnosis with Thyroid cancer. When she was 11 mnths old I
had surgery and Radiation.Then again in 2004, they found more cancer,
surgery and Radiation again.Since then I have not had energy
at all.It took everything to just do what I needed to do, absolutely
none for working out.So my weight has been a real issue. I am now Pre
Menopausal, adding to the issue. LOL, and have been put on anxiety Meds,
Which also make you gain weight, and my cholesterol is High. Then I
lost my Husband, 6 yrs ago to a heart attack.Now you kinda know where I
am coming from. Having, and I mean, I have tried a lot of weight loss
products, some making me feel so bad and jittery, yet none successfully
worked.As, Probable most of you, I kept seeing Testimonies and such, on
Facebook, for quite awhile. I knew this was just another weight loss
Product, But finally the Testimonies of real People just got to me and I
new, For health reasons, I needed to lose, or at least take it for the
Enzymes and Fiber I knew I so needed. SF having a 30 day money back
guarantee,at that time, now 90 day on the on the specials, helped my
decision to try,Thank God I took that chance,My first 90 days I lost 14
lbs and dropped a pants size, and I know, my weight loss might go slow
with the Meds. I am on, but honestly the best part for me is, I FEEL
WONDERFUL, I have energy, Good natural, feeling energy , I feel alive
again, I have now been on SF for 3.5 year and am at a total of 25lbs and
so many inches, I am down 3 sizes completely.. I have 3 wonderful
children, I still Homeschool my daughter. I have the most Incredible
man noe (Eric), we have our farm and all our animals. God has Blessed me
with all this, and now finding Skinny Fiber I can finally enjoy all of
it. I am Skinny Fiber 4 Life.
Get your Today and Join us www.mbeall.sbc90.com

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