Processed carbs are really the worst thing you can eat!

good-caebs if you want to be healthy and lose weight.
Worse for some than others…
I CAN NOT lose weight and touch processed carbs!
If you can not lose weight even exercising and cutting calories… I bet you are like me and need to AVOID processed carbs like the plague!!!!
If we start gaining weight and feel exhausted in the afternoons we may be suffering from Carbohydrate Intolerance, so we need to consult our doctor and check our blood sugar condition.
We must know that blood sugar levels are elevated due to the consumption of white flour, refined grains, and if we consume food which is not high in those, we may have another health problem.
When we eat carbohydrates, our body should break them down into basic sugar molecules so they can be transformed into energy. If we have carbohydrate intolerance, the enzymes needed to metabolize carbohydrates are not as abundant as they should be.
Symptoms of carbohydrate intolerance:
Excess body weight
Dizziness and lightheaded
Uncontrolled appetite
Brain fog
Anxiety, Depression
Aching muscles
Joint Pain
Constant fatigue
Skin issues
Sleeping problems
To be sure that we are suffering from carbohydrate intolerant, we should try to avoid legumes, grains, fruit and starchy vegetables from two weeks, and if we notice a significant change in our condition we are confirming the diagnoses

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