5 Benefits of Proper Magnesium Levels

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Powerful benefits can be found by having proper levels of magnesium.  Blood tests are not always the most accurate determination since so much of the magnesium is stored in the tissues and not in the blood.  Up to half of Americans are deficient in Magnesium and don’t even know it!  They suffer needlessly from maladies that can be easily addressed.  There is a long list of symptoms and diseases whose origins can be traced to magnesium deficiency.


Bone density is directly related to availability of magnesium since it is required to keep calcium bio-available.  It is quite possible to  consume supplementary calcium and still lose bone mass.  If supplementary calcium is not bio-available, the body’s need for calcium with be met by taking it from the bone.  Many people correctly assume they require more calcium as they age, but would also benefit greatly by adding an additional…

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