How is Skinny Fiber like a sponge?


Imagine if you could swallow a sponge.
And then you drink water and have that sponge swell up and make you feel full.
And then that sponge could capture 30-40% of everything you digest.
Imagine 9 of the most powerful digestive enzymes that do nothing but attack your number one store area for fat and break it down.
So what do you get? Now you are eating less; almost half of what you are eating is being absorbed so your body can’t access it; and a proven blend of enzymes are literally attacking your fat stores.

That’s what Skinny Fiber can do for you! Skinny Fiber is NOT a diet but rather a weight loss supplement with powerful enzymes that help your body digest and absorb the nutrients you need to get healthy.

Do I have to change the way I eat?

No you do not HAVE to change the way you eat. Many Skinny Fiber users say they have not changed what they eat but because Skinny Fiber makes you feel full you don’t eat as much so you still lose the inches and pounds. That said it will take longer to lose the inches and pounds if you still eat a lot sweets, fast foods, and drink your calories via sodas and other store bought drinks, etc. You can still have these things just be sure to have them in moderation. I like to use the 80/20 balance. 80% healthy foods and 20% of the not so healthy food that I enjoy.

Do I have to exercise?

No you do not HAVE to exercise. Many people say they don’t exercise. However whether you are trying to lose weight or not you need to get up and move. Staying active helps your body in a lot of ways such as your cardiovascular system and your muscle health. As the saying goes ‘you’ll lose it if you don’t use it’. That means you will lose muscle tone, it will turn to fat. Fat will stay even if you don’t use it. So even if you can’t do a lot of moving do something.. walk to the mailbox, park a little farther from the store entrance, when shopping go up and down each isle, try doing leg lifts even if you can only do 4 or 5 at a time to start, just do something. Moving will help the inches come off faster. I walk every day and the more I do it the better I feel. My husband actually commented the other day when we reached the top of a hill. He said, “Hey you are keeping up with me and you are not even out of breath like you use be.” All the walking I do must be paying off.

Do I have to drink lots of water?

YES!!! Water is good for you. Did you know that sometimes when you think you feel hungry it is actually your body telling you it is dehydrated and needs more water? Makes sense considering the average adult human body is 50-65% water, averaging around 57-60%. (…/How-Much-Of-Your-Body-Is-Water…). If you don’t like plain water do what I do and add fruit to it.

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