We can Do this Together!

Join Our weight loss support group, No matter what weight loss product or journey you are on, we will be successful, if we support and help each other.

We can Do this Together.
The Importance of Support and Encouragement

Weight loss support and encouragement from our friends and family is key to keeping us motivated throughout our entire weight loss journey. We tend to have plenty of motivation when we start, but to keep us motivated through our weight loss plateaus and/or setbacks we need to receive continuous support and encouragement for the energy and effort we put into obtaining our goal. You may be motivated by the determination of losing a certain amount of weight for a special event, by the desire to be able to squeeze into the perfect black dress or by a pledge to yourself that you can post in a spot that you can see and read it all the time. But is that enough? Can you do it by yourself? Some say it is our need of approval that keeps us motivated. In short, to be successful we need both – support and encouragement. We need to hear continuous encouragement to help keep us on track and focused on our ultimate goal. We also need the support to hold us accountability for our efforts.

Who can you turn to for support? Here are a few suggestions:

• Weight Loss Buddy: Find a friend who wants to lose weight this year and lean on each other! Keep a log of all your meals and activity for the week and report back to each other on how you did.

• Family: Share your goals with your family or your roommate. The more they know, the more they can help. Have them help you remove temptations such as snacks, sodas, etc from the house.

• Co-workers: Identify someone in the office who will not only encourage you but will challenge you to take the stairs instead of the elevator or walk with you during your lunch break.

• Exercise Partner: Find a person you can count on to meet you one or two days a week for some type of physical exercise – walking, going to the gym, riding bikes, walking dogs, yoga, etc..

During the course of your weight loss journey you will need the support of others to celebrate the big and little accomplishments you have achieved, as well as when things are going slowly! Your support system needs to be larger than just one person – surround yourself with people that will hold you accountable, keep you motivated and make you proud of being you!

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