Be the person you could have been NOW!

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday! 🙂 Make it a GREAT one!
Today’s ACTION plan:too
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?…
One man in his late eighties was asked: “If you could come back and live the life of anyone, who would you want to come back as?”
His answer: “I would want to come back as the man I could have been, but never was.”
He went on to say, “This time I’d act with more courage. I wouldn’t allow my fear to turn me away from opportunities I didn’t take.
I’d risk more; I’d take the chances I wish I had. I’d allow myself to fail more, love more, and laugh more. This time, I’d be sure to live more.”
Wow. Don’t wait until you’re eighty and filled with regret.
Instead, be the person you “could have been” now.~Darren Hardy
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