Weight-Loss Coach & Mentor 📲 Helping motivated people lose weight & make money online. 🙌🏼💁🏽
I may have one of the most empowering jobs in the world:
– I get to inspire and motivate people
– I get to celebrate others “wins”
– I am blessed to give people hope and the realization that they are worth change and capable of big things
I love helping people. That is the basis of what I do.
Have I always been the poster child for health and fitness? NOT EVEN SLIGHTLY!! am I Now No, I am a work in progress and will always be working on Me, so I can be better me for you all. My addiction for self improvement and helping others came from beginning my own journey, from my own need to change my body and feel better in my own skin. What started a goal for me turned into a passion and a business for me.
I use to be so unhappy and negative. In retrospect, I’ve realized it’s almost inevitable that when you start a fitness and healthy life journey you end up facing your “stuff” head on and this amazing growth and new attitude towards life evolves. When I come to a crossroad of growth and a stronger, happier life or staying in the same miserable, stagnant place.. I chose growth. I chose to deal with it and become who I wanted to be!
It’s not the weight loss, and Health [that was a bonus] that brought me to this place, but the decision to stop settling and GO FOR IT in all aspects of my life that brought me here.
My hope is to inspire you to believe that in any stage of life, you can be the person you want to be. That’s why I am so passionate about this Group.
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